Monday, February 06, 2012


I have now made this dress twice.  I found this pattern on pinterest and I immediately loved it and knew I had to make something.  It is pretty easy, it just takes forever to finish the seams properly, but that is my complaint for everything.  I lined this dress, lengthened the sleeves, added about 2 inches to the hem and dropped the waist about an inch and a half.  I found the houndstooth fabric at Joann for $2.50/yard.  I had the lining fabric (black).  I am pretty sure the belt cost more than the entire dress!  I have said how much I am loving houndstooth??


Artsy Aut said...

I totally LOVE this dress. And houndstooth. It fits so well too!
You are so turning into our Grandma (in a good way)

Franziska said...

You look amazing! I was just thinking how I need more dresses except I am looking for breast feeding/pumping friendly ones ;)