Tuesday, September 18, 2012

It's Been Long Enough

I have my mind set to fill in all the gaps of the last eight or so months.  I am kind of over blogging.  I mean, who has time to sit and type, let alone read all the crap I have to say?  Plus, I used to blog for my family that, at the time, lived thousands of miles away.  Now they all live within 90 miles of me.  My other issue with blogs, in general, is that it all seems kind of contrived.  Blogs only tend to highlight the, well, highlights.  As I am going to do right now.  Starting with the beginning of the summer.

Dread Pirate Rodney and Captain Root Beer (pretty sure it's Red Beard, but he says it's Root Beer)
Konrad playing tball
Brian did the Whiskey 50 at the end of April.  He did it in just over 5 hours.  Not too shabby.  He said it was the hardest thing he'd ever done.  

Then i ran the Whiskey Row Half Marathon.  It sucked.  I set a new PR for this horrible course.  Never again, folks, never again.

hardest dang race
Then there was our 11th anniversary.  Brian and I left on a Thursday and came home on a Saturday.  It was lovely!  We got up early, I ran and Brian biked South Mountain for old time sake.  It was awesome.  I also realized how hard that trail was that I ran at least twice a week for three years.  I've kept up with my fitness, I think I may be better now, but that trail (Mormon Trail) on SM is rough.  Oh yeah, I also had only one functioning arm at the time.  I stretched my brachial plexus doing Nancy (sounds nasty, right?) at crossfit about a week and a half before we did South Mountain.  It was overhead squats and running.  After the last round of 15 OHS, I could not move my arm.  Anyways, I could not hold my arm up to run, so for about a month I looked like a moron running with one arm flopping at my side.  I'm all better now, but it sucked.

We had the 4th of July and the Boot Race.  Konrad was pissed cuz he didn't win.  We are quite proud of the competitive spirit!  Next year and some duct tape.  He'll be a competitor.

Konrad also took of his training wheels in mid July!  He is a beast on two wheels now!  We spent a lot of time at the new Pump Track here in town.  Rodney loves taking his scooter to the track and Konrad will ride his bike!

Konrad started PreK on September 4.  He goes every day and he loves it!  His teacher is Mrs. Huard and she is wonderful!

We ended our summer with some Birthday parties.  Rodney Roo turned 3 and was adamant about having a garbage truck birthday party.  So, I made all the decorations green and yellow, put a garbage truck toy on his cake, made him a garbage truck t shirt and birthday hat.  

Sunday was Rex's first birthday.  It has been a year.  I feel like I have been awake for most of the year.  It has been long.  He is so darling!  He is the busiest child I have ever seen or been around.  He does not stop for even five seconds.  But I love him dearly:)

Okay, I think that's it!


Artsy Aut said...

I have time to read your crap. And I savor every word. So keep em comin!!!!
Thanks for the update!!!

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