Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Thumb Butte.

One of the reasons I love living in AZ again is, of course, the weather.  We have had some snow earlier this winter, but as of late, the weather has been rockin'.  I have been able to run in shorts and a long sleeved t shirt. That, folks, is a big deal, considering that this time of year in WI and in Denver, we have had feet of snow on the ground and degrees that start with minus.

Today I took the boyz to hike Thumb Butte, the ol' Prescott trademark/ landmark.  Some idiot once called it (in all seriousness on said idiot's part) Thumb Butt.  No joke.  Anyhow, the trail we went on in straight uphill but it is paved, so no decomposed granite to slip on.  There was some ice and Rodney did not get the idea that you are supposed to walk around the ice.  Not on it.  He fell a billion times but still walked on the ice.  I finally gave up telling him and held his hand.
The snack du jour was fruit loops.  Rodney had to hold them along with Grave Digger.  You see, they went to see Monster Jam this past weekend and he is kind of obsessed with Grave Digger.  Also, please note the food on his face.  He ALWAYS has food on his face.  Immediately after I wash it off, there is somehow food all over his sweet little face.

 The fight du jour was over sticks.  Seriously.  Sticks.  Konrad found a gigantic stick and Rodney leapt thru the forest and found this mammoth stick.
 They were pretty pissed when I told 'em they could not bring them home with us.  We put them in a secret place so they could use them next time.  The funny thing is that Rad will totally remember this and will be pissed when he can't find them.
This all the while RexLee slept in his Ergo Sport Baby Carrier.  Not too bad!

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Artsy Aut said...

I miss good ole thumb butte. Next time I come to town, lets hike! All the boys can fight with sticks. Sticks are the bomb around here too. I try to go to beaches where I know there are sticks. Makes my life easier. Your boys are so cute. Love them!! And you :)