Saturday, April 23, 2011

Hair Cut

We took the boys to the Barber yesterday.  It was originally just to get Brian's hair cut, but Rad decided he was gonna be a big boy and get his done too.  Then, by my utter shock and amazement, Tom, the Barber got Rodney Roo to sit in a chair (with a sucker) and get his hair a little more than trimmed.  I told him just a trim, but he definitely was on the extreme end of a trim.  It's okay, though.  Roo still has curls and he is still darling.  Oh, and he might look a little bit like me.  Just a tid bit.


Los Shepherds said...

so friggen cute

Anonymous said...

aaahhh their soooo sweet and cute ... loking forward for new cute pics....... his adorable