Monday, April 11, 2011


Konrad loves Monsters, INC.  Shoot, I love it to!  I mean, how can you hate anything with Billy Crystal?  It's almost un-American.  I think I loved him most in The Princess Bride...mostly dead.  LOVE.

I made Rad and Roo some monsters.  Rad must have his every night when he goes to sleep.  If he does not have it we have to search the place till we find it.  It is irritating beyond belief, but so cute!

Introducing Sully.  I love that he has him all tucked in to bed (my bed) with him.  Rodney Roo's monster is named Mike.  I know, so terribly original!

Peace. Emily


Artsy Aut said...

I love it! And the movie, so cute. Isnt it the best when your kids LOVE something you made for them?

Melissa said...

Freaking awesome! That's one of my animated favorites.