Sunday, May 01, 2011

Go Away.

The rain and the cold seriously need to flippin' go away.  Well, if it doesn't go away, we will!  We leave for AZ in about 24 days.  That is great, but I have sooooo stinkin' much to do before D-Day.

It is the first of May but we are still stuck inside, due to the awesome Spring we are enduring here in M'Waukee.  They boys (and myself) are feeling really cooped up, so we have been having picnics for lunchtime.  Nothing spectacular, but it is sadly fun.  I wish we could have a proper picnic outside, in the sun, but that may have to wait another 24 days.  

Yes, they are matchies!  I made them shirts that say "scallywag" with my silhouette machine.  They are soooo cute!  I still can't get over Rodney Roo's haircut!

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