Monday, November 01, 2010

I Won!

My mother is the luckiest dang person I know.  If there is a drawing, a raffle or any such contest, she will win.  In fact, she doesn't even wait for her name to be called before she walks to the front of the audience to receive her prize.  She has one so many things, including an iPod, a prize pack from Heidi Swapp herself and a butt-load of Boy Scout popcorn, to name a few.  She also gets the best parking spots available to us non-handicapped peoples.  My dad and I want to take her with us for a weekend in The Vegas.

Anyhow, I WON SOMETHING!!!  Check it out!  I never win things, so I was very pleasantly surprised to get an email telling me I won something awesome, especially after we made Rad his fire truck.  Ooooh, this winter is gonna be fun!


Adam and Nikki said...

YES~! this is so great. I always new you were a winner!

Melissa said...

Woo Hoo! Konrad is going to be in HEAVEN!