Friday, October 29, 2010

Halloweener, 'Waukee style

I declare that Milwaukee does three things right.
1.  Cheez.  Period.
2.  Brats (no beer, since I don't drink alchy).
3.  Halloweener.
In AZ everyone Trick or Treats on the 31st beginning at dusk.  The rules here are way different.  Each town/neighborhood has its own day and time to ToT.  It does not have to necessarily be October 31.  For example, tonight was ToTing for Enderis Park from 630-830.  It's also great cuz people go all out here for decorating for Halloweener.  I am especially happy for the people that left up their Christmas lights all year and now have them on for Halloweener.  Now they can feel like they are not completely lazy for the next three months.  The best part of the Weener?  People bring out their fire pits and chairs and neighbors and friends sit outside, drink some drinks (and offer you "adult" drinks) as you ToT.  It's pretty sweet.  We are going to continue the awesomeness in AZ next year!
Baby Santa, according to Rad.
At the Fire Station
I wanna ride on a fire truck!
Brian and I made Rad a fire truck, complete with fire hose, siren (thanks siren iPod app:) and blinking lights.  He only wore it for a few minutes.  It is hard to run with it on.  Rodney was our cold little garden gnome.  We are going to the zoo for ToTing tomorrow and a party at Sara and Joe's tomorrow night so hopefully we will get some more pix of the yahoos!

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