Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Grand Canyon

Well, it was Grand, that is for sure!  On Nov. 6 I ran the Grand Canyon Half Marathon.  It was quite interesting, considering that I live (and train) at sea level and the GC is at 7500 feet.  But I think I did alright!  It really was grand!  I was shooting for 2:15 min, but at mile 9 my bg headed south so I had to stop and eat a banana.  Then at mile 10.5 said banana was threatening a reappearance.  Right after it decided that it was gonna stay put, I ran with a sweet guy that was running the marathon with no shoes.  It came as no surprise that he was going to stop at the Half.  He also said his feet hurt.  Hmmm.  Really?  Anyhowzit, I finished at about 231.  I had a cheering squad, including a two year old running at me then continuing on to the finish line with me.  It was pretty cute!  See my pic here.  I don't know why they insisted on taking my pic going up a huge hill, but at least I am smiling, right?  BTW, there were lots of huge hills.  Especially the first one that lasted two miles (the first two miles of the thing).  That being said, at least the last two miles were downhill.  PTL!

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Kaitlin said...

you are hard core. i am impressed, as always