Sunday, August 08, 2010

Oh, Ballz or Mani/Pedi Gone WAY Wrong

I was in my computer room this morning working on a couple of things for church and maybe surfing the net just a little.  Rodney Jones was asleep in his bed, Konrad was on the couch playing games on my iPod, Brian was down in the basement doing heavens knows what.  Konrad was really quiet.  You know that quiet that scares the crap outta ya because it's too quiet?  Yeah, that quiet.  I walk into the living room and see this.

He looks so sad here.
He was sitting on the couch, thankfully red, painting his (ahem) toenails...and the couch...and his face...and his hair...and my iPod with my red nail polish.  I don't know what else to say other than that my throat is still burning from acetone fumes, so now our house smells like French toast and nail polish remover.  Soon gonna smell like baked salmon (yummy).  My iPod seems to have made it!  And for Konrad.  Well, he seems to have painted all 10 fingers and all 10 toes, so success for him.  He is pretty upset that his Batman pj's are ruined.
Not lipstick.
This is my favorite. He worked really hard on this.


krissy said...

I can barely tell your adorable boys apart, Rodney is so grown up! but it's the eyebrows that help me recognize him the most.

Melissa said...

Holy crap, I totally thought that was blood at first glance! Ha, fun times for you. Glad to hear your ipod made it!

Artsy Aut said...

that is hilarious. He is adorable!

keep klein-man said...

HAHAHA. So stinkin cute!! I love it..

Cam and Chelle said...

HA!!! I have similar pics but with acrylic paint! Let's see the couch!