Thursday, August 19, 2010


Well, little Rodney Roo will be one in a coupla weeks.  We went to the Concert in the Park tonight and I got this darling picture of the little guy.  I just have a few things to tell you about little Rodney.  Firstly, his teefs crack me up!  Every time I look at him, he makes me laugh.  Those teeth are fairly new and they all came with a vengeance  all at the same time.  Also, his curly hair is amazing.  He is a wild man.  My favorite thing to do is to bathe him and put him straight to bed without combing his hair.  I am always surprised when he wakes up in the morning with an amazing 'do.  Thirdly, his first word was goon goon.  Story time, I am just warning you.  When I was about 12 we went on a vacay to SanDiego with the five of us kids.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites right on the beach.  We got breakfast there and Jay got two doughnuts.  I will never forget him saying, " A doughnut and a doughnut is a doughnut doughnut". (side note:  Jay just mentioned how it would have been REALLY funny if he would have called it a deuxnut.  Ha!  That made me LOL:) I thought that was hilarious. He also left a note for the maids to not touch his doughnuts that said, "Do Nut touch my Donut".  Now that's still funny. Fast forward to now.  When I am with the boyz and they are being goons, I say, " A goon plus a goon equals a goon goon".  I know, it's stupid.  It's just one of those things.  Anyhowzit, Rodney this morning said, "goon goon".  Kid you not.  Besides mama and dada, his first word was goon.  That's pretty awesome. My favorite thing about Rodney is how he plows over everything.  If he wants something he will plow over any and everything that is in his way to get to what he wants and there is no stopping him.  He does not whine about obstacles, he does not get side tracked.  He plowed over kids in nursery on Sunday.  He is a funny kid!

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