Sunday, August 08, 2010

Fire Truck! Fire Truck!

Konrad is currently really into Fire Trucks and anything that goes with them (IE fire men, fire hats, etc.). At Target they have some fire boots that are rain boots.  Rad has been eying them for a couple of months now.  Every time I take him to target he has to look at them before we head over to look at the toys, all while eating a pretzel and drinking an ICEE.  What can I say?  Target has become a tradition;)  One night last week, Brian had a patient cancel on him so he was actually home and able to accompany us to Target.  He must have found a soft spot in Daddy because he bought Rad his fire boots.  He had to wear them around the store, even though they still had the tags on them.  I will admit, it was very cute to see him so excited.  And, around here, rain boots are quite practical this time of year.  We have had record rain fall and flooding twice in one week, so I am sure the rain boots will be put to use in actual rain.

Right when we got home Rad made me put on his fire man shirt and fire hat.  I think the look on his face in this pic says it all!
The next day he had to wear his fire man outfit.  I decided that we would make a stop at the Wauwatosa Fire Station.  He was such a good boy that day and did lots of peepee's on the potty I told him we would go see the fire trucks.  He was so excited.  He woke up from his nap early and kept saying,'"Fire truck.  Awesome." A fireman named Brian took him around the station and let him drive the truck, wear a real fire hat and turned on the siren and lights for him.  Here's to the Wauwatosa Fire Dept.!!!  They are awesome!  We always see them at the Push N Shove down on State Street and they are always amazing, but they were super nice to us! It was the sweetest!!

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Steve and Sarah said...

I love it when they finally get the thing they have been wanting for so long. Trevor is recently into trains and I finally took him on that really awesome train in Chandler mall. It was worth the stares as we drove around the mall in a little train just to see him so happy and his littel brain soaking it all in! Yeah for fireman rain boots!