Friday, August 27, 2010

We Are Queens!

We went on another little vacay this past week to the Wisconsin Dells. On the way we made a little detour in Madison, which is the capitol of WI.  I had heard that Madison was a pretty (okay the most) liberal city in the US, so I was kinda figuring it would be like Boulder (minus the mountains, of course), and I was right.  We stopped and walked up and down State Street, ate some amazing burgers at Five Guys, went to a cool bike shoppe, read some stories about fixed gear hipsters and saw a parade.
I was in a really cool art shoppe, looking at dye and fake mustaches when the owner's family (who has an aunt that lives in Ajo, AZ) ran in saying, "THEY ARE COMING"!!!  They were the Queens.  We were lucky enough to be in Madison for a gay pride parade!!  Lucky us!!  Konrad was pretty pumped because there was music and where there is music there is dancing.  And in this case, where there was dancing there were Drag Queens and schlongs.  Lots of schlongs.  Dancing schlongs and Queens.  My favorite part of the parade?  When it was all over and done, we walked by a Queen on her? motorcycle.  She was wearing a pretty tiara...and smoking a cigarette.  I wish I could have taken a pic but the last thing I wanted was to get punched in the face by a Queen.

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Ben and Jen McDowell said...

I don't even know what to say.. That is funny! A cousin of mine has turned openly gay and posted pics of him in Australia at a gay goodness. People these days, somethings need to be kept hidden away.