Sunday, June 20, 2010

Future reads...diarrhea.

Yesterday morning we went strawberry picking.  Oh, it was fun.  And hot.  And exhausting.  And delicious.  I am pretty sure Rad ate a gazillion strawberries, hence the diarrhea.  He was more interested in the tractors (surprise, surprise) than picking the berries.  I spent the rest of the afternoon cutting and preparing the berries for their demise...freezer jam.  It is so good!
And then there is Rodney Jones.  This is his 9 month picture.  I can't take a pic of just Rodney.  When he sees the camera, Rad starts posing.  Anyhow, there you go.


Artsy Aut said...

Love these boys!! Who can blame the kid for eating strawberries till he diarrheas? Wish I could say I have no idea whats thats like.

Melissa said...

So jealous!