Sunday, June 27, 2010

Not Bragging

I once read somewhere that it is not considered bragging if it is true.  What "it" is is a whole 'nother ish altogether.  So, if it's not bragging if it's true, then I am awesome, smart and incredibly talented.  Dear Readers, I jest.  You are not supposed to compliment yourself. To do so is just social retardism.   On the same note, if it is true, is it okay to say things if they are mean or hurtful?  I digress.  The point is that my boyz are cute.  There, said.  I am bragging.  I try not to do that too much.  I am of the school of thought that if you have to say it, especially a lot, you are only trying to convince yourself.  Truth speaks for itself.  Anyhowzit, Rad and Rod are darling.  Megan Holdsworth did an amazing job @ Julie's wedding.  Her blog is the ballz.  Check out all the pix here.  You may or may not see me doing some Beyonce moves and my bro Joe doing some Russian moves.  You might also see Rad doing some sweet moves.  He was pretty awesome!  And, of course, Julie was beautiful!  Please note the broaches I made and the cleavage that I am sporting in a coupla pix.


***LIZ*** said...

Yay, you don't even have to bother saying it. Anyone who has seen your boys knows that are super duper handsome, and you ARE awesome! Is there a pass word or something, I couldn't figure how to view the pics from Julie's wedding?

Artsy Aut said...

Well, since I am their great auntie/fourth cousin/somthing relative, I can say it. They are ADORABLE! But it runs in the family.