Tuesday, September 01, 2009


Who needs an appendix anyways? Well, not Brian, I guess. On Saturday Aug. 14, Brian woke up with a strange feeling in his belly. I said that he was probably just having sympathy pain and wishes he could be pregnant too. I knew something was funny when he did not even mention going for a bike ride that day. He goes come hell or high water. But I didn't worry too much because we were also busy writing our talks for the following day at church.

The next day we went to church and spoke. He was still having some pain but nothing extraordinary or the typical appendix pain that people talk about. He did not move from the couch Sunday afternoon, which was a little bit weird, but not too much.

Monday morning I went for my OB appointment and the Urgent Care told him to get to the ER. We both kinda said, "whatever" thinking they were just being dramatic, so he went, driving himself to the ER.

An hour later he was in CT with a diagnosis of Appendicitis.

He had surgery later that night. The surgeon called me about three hours later than I expected and told me it was a more extensive surgery than they thought. Not only did they have to take the appendix, they had to take some of his bowel and reconstruct his bowel.

He ended up being in the hosp for three days.

All of this a week before I was scheduled to be induced. Nice way to steal the spotlight, Brian.

I took Rad to see Daddy. These pics are funny b/c the only snack I had in my purse for the boy were Operation fruit snacks. Awesome.


Adam and Nikki said...

I am so sad to hear that about Brian, but so glad you got it taken care of. Yeah for Emily you day is coming. I can't wait to see the new addition to the family. No additions to our family, it's official we lost both babies again. Three times a charms right?

keep klein-man said...

Sorry Brian! I hope he gets well soon. Please send me your info so I can mail you all. just inbox me on Face Book. I can't wait to see the new baby.... Tell Brian Ty joined the Army. He is going for Med School.

Ben and Jen McDowell said...

My goodness gracious. You guys are both craving a little attention! Hopefully nothing rubs off onto Konrad. Good Luck!! can't wait...

Dr. Birch said...

Wow! Brian is really a trooper! I was a total wuss when I got mine out!