Thursday, August 27, 2009

Talking to Myself...or Anyone That Might Listen

Both Grandmas came to see us, in preparation for the birth of Ulysses, which turns out is a huge fail. He's not ready so it will be September 6th. The other Grandma was here to help out while Brian recovered from his appendicks operation. Anyhow, Konrad decided to tell us a story while we were having our own conversation. I think he was saying something about an itsy bitsy spider at one point, but who knows? So funny!


Steve and Sarah said...

I love it. He is so cute and it will only get funnier! Well, until they are about 5 or 6.

Ben and Jen McDowell said...

I can not believe you are already going to have another baby. Are you ready!! I am a little disappointed there have been no pics of you. I wish we were there to see you at the hospital again. Good Luck!