Saturday, June 13, 2009

Freaking Chicago

Aunt April came to visit this past week and we ventured out of the grand city of Milwaukee to explore Chicago. It is less than a two hour drive to the Windy City, unless you get stuck in traffic...or lost. Our goal was to go to the Sears Tower and relive the scene from Ferris Bueller. After Konrad's gargantuan fit at PF Changs and getting lost for 2.5 hours and walking in circles for lots of miles, we finally found the Sears Tower. We kinda figured that we could just look up and find our way but we were wrong. Actually, we had a Garmin, Gloria is her blessed name, telling us where to drive. So we found the Tower in the car, parked then endeavored to walk to the Tower. Long story short, we found the Sears Tower. It was tall.

We did some shopping on Michigan Ave, got some popcorn at Garrett's, took some pictures and home we came. Konrad was a little angel, besides said tantrum at PF Changs. Turns out a lollipop and soda do not always stop tantrums. But- doughnuts might. He is a Kleinman after all.

Thanks for the trip Apy! We had so much fun! Please check back for my blog entry about the Jelly Belly Factory. Actually is should be written like this: JELLY BELLY FACTORY!!!!!!!!!


Artsy Aut said...

I have always wanted to go to Chicago! Maybe now that you are a pro, you can take me there someday!

Adam and Nikki said...

Keep adventuring while you are there, there is so much to see and enjoy it. BTW, I love the new picture of your cute family on the top of the blog. You are so cool. I wish I could as cool as you.