Sunday, June 14, 2009

Jelly Belly Factory

It sounded more like this: JELLY BELLY FACTORY!!!! It might have well been the Celestial Kingdom. We were driving to Chicago and a few miles before we reached the thriving metropolis of Kenosha (everytime I say it in my head I have to pronounce it Kenowsha, like the people here say it), we saw a sign for April's Holy Grail, the Jelly Belly Factory. We took a tour of the place, learned some history of the Jelly Belly and got Konrad a ball. To this day he won't put the thing down. The first thing he says in the morning is "ball", more like "booowl". So cute.
Just a side note about the Jelly Belly. Firstly, there is nothing worse than eating a horrible Jelly Belly. Case in point: as I was driving through the cornfields of Nebraska, heck, could have been Iowa, who knows, I was eating some fantastical JB's. They were awesome. Espcially the red apple and root beer JB's. All of a sudden I am pretty sure I am eating a turd JB. It totally ruined the mood. After that I was all freaked that another turd JB would sneak by. Actually, it was the new dark chocolate flavor. Whatever, it tasted like a turd.

Secondly, what is the fascination with eating a little gel-filled concoction that tastes like something else that you could probably buy at the store for a heck of a lot cheaper? Marshmallows, rootbeer, popcorn and apples come to mind. In fact, I don't like marshmallows that much and PB& J sandwiches are pretty hohum, but I will jump at the opportunity to eat either in the form of a JB. Humans are so weird.


Artsy Aut said...

you are hilarious. Some of the flavors are really sick! Have you tried jalepeno? its sick. Maybe not as bad as turd though!

Adam and Nikki said...

Yeah for Jelly Belly, That sounds like so much fun. I hate getting a bad JB, you can't get the taste out and it does make you afraid to eat anymore of those little color, then I only stick to the pretty colors knowing they will not decieve me.

Aussie-merican Adventures said...

I love the jelly belly factory! Last time I was there I got a bag of belly flops (the retarded jb) and ate them til I was sick! It was great! Have you ever had the Harry Potter ever flavor jb? Now who in their right mind would be a tester for those? "hmm...yup...this one definitely tastes like a booger"..I mean seriously..gross! :) Miss you! Thanks for the awesome blogs! :)

Claydens said...

fun stuff! loooks like fun! eat some of those for me!!