Saturday, May 30, 2009

Why I Am Going To Love It Here.

I think I am going to love the Mid-Westicle. I think I am gonna love it a lot. Here are two reasons that I found so far my first week here. And this is just driving down my street a little ways.

MmmmHmmmm. Awesome. Besides all the the unnecessary outdoor decorations, I have never seen so many unintentional mullets in my whole entire life. I mean, I thought the southwest started the mullet revolution, but I had no idea. I think the southwesterners saw the midwesterners and realized how cool the mullet is/was. What they didn't know is that even the midwesterners don't know how cool the mullet is...hence it is unintentional. In fact, that is the real definition of cool: you are only REALLY cool if you don't know you are being cool or trying to be cool. If you are trying to be cool you are really only a huge tool.

Anyhohum, we made it to WI. I wore a long sleeved tshirt and jeans the other day but they tell me nice weather is coming. Do I believe them? IDK. Everyone said CO winters were "not that bad" and that the "snow melts in a day", which both claims were rubbish. Point being: I am not sure if I belive my fellow Wisconsians that the winters aren't too bad. We will see.

Signing off. Emily


Adam and Nikki said...

I am so glad you made it. I have been thinking about you and wondering how you are doing. I miss you. Ok my infection went form bad to extremely ER bad and that is why we were not there to send you off. Love you. I had a case of Diet Rootbeer for you. The snow really melts in a day here in CO, it was just because you lived here that it didn't. I am sure that it will go back to melting in a day now you are gone. Colorado will miss you! But love you Roses.

Robbins Family said...

Whoever said that Wisconsin winters are not that bad LIED. They are survivable but they are bad. I wish I was going to be here to suffer through this next one with you... ummmmmm actually... no I don't. But those who told me that Michigan winters are better than Wisconsin winters probably lied too. Wisconsin will grow on you!

andrea said...

Hey Emily, I've been wondering how WI is treating you. I'll check your blog now to remind me of all the crazy little WI things we miss. Wait until Halloween and then the outdoor yard decorations are out of control. The winters there are terrible. It's Wisconsin. Cold. How's the apartment..and Fred? Have fun in Wiscaaaansin.