Sunday, January 25, 2009


It is a big day in the KLeinman household. Rad has officially added a word to his little vocabulary. And a very important word at that. It is... Peekaboo!! I know that some people think that their kids are advanced for their age (PLEASE), but Rad can say Peekaboo... and I may have heard him reciting the Gettysburg Address this morning in the bath. On the other hand, he still doodoos in his pants and has footies on his jammies, so maybe it will be Harvard, maybe it will be just UofA (Go ASU!), who knows? Anyways, add peekaboo to his vocab that already includes doggie, daddy, and uh-oh. Here is a pic of Rad playing on his new horsey. He absolutely loves it, although it got a new home on our loft. And a pic of Rad that Brian took with our new zoom lens. Watch out, I can take pictures of you with our zoom lens from like 1/2 a mile away. Here comes the Emily-razzi.

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