Friday, August 08, 2008

At The Races

One of our favorite things to do in one of our favorite places is the Winter Park Mountain Bike Race Series at well, Winter Park, CO. I am sure WP is awesome in the winter as well, but we only know it as a summer hot spot. There is great camping in Frasier (and Christmas Tree cutting in the Winter). There are fab trails to run (or ride, whatever you prefer...or hiking if you are not hardcore:) There is a little eatery called Deano's Mountain Bistro where you can get a killer gyro. Seriously. Delish.

Brian has been doing this series since the summer we moved up here. We have lots of stories of happenings at WP. Like the one time I wound up in the Emergency Medical Center b/c I passed out due to low BG. That was fun. The staff was very nice and even made me a PB&J. Sure, it was a little bit frozen, but when your blood sugar is 23, frozen PB&J is excellent! There is even a skate park for all the little punks to go skate at, and believe me, they do.

Anyhow, here are some pictures of Brian at his bike race. He was so cranky after this particular race b/c he was cramping at the top of the climb and some guy passed him. When he got done he just wanted to leave b/c he was convinced that he lost and got last place. So, like a huffy child (I have one of those too), he stormed off with all kinds of testosterone in tow and we left without staying for awards. Turns out that the huffy boy got third place. Now he is mad that we didn't stay for awards b/c he would have gotten a glass to replace the one that my mom broke a few months ago (yes Mom, he is still mad about that:(
bye for now! xoxo

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