Friday, May 23, 2008

Any Takers????

Anybody out there that wants to run the Georgetown to Idaho Springs Half Marathon (I just typed "Marathong" then erased it. I think they call that a Freudian Slip)? It is on August 9, 2008, which happens to be a Saturday, for all those crazy mormons out there that don't do races on Sundays (good luck finding one;). I have heard that it has a pretty steep hill in the first mile but is then mostly downhill, whether that is good or bad, you will have to decide. You can find some more info on the race here
If you are interested, let me know. If you are interested and live somewhere other than Denver or CO you could come and stay at my house and Brian will provide the ride to the race and Rad will provide the entertainment. He doesn't do too much, but he has been farting like a little race horse. It is always funny when he rips 'em during a prayer or other such time that it is totally inappropriate to fart and therefore hilarious.

Bye for now!

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***LIZ*** said...

I would love to train and run this with you, unfortunately not allowed right now. After the baby comes though, I am totally game!