Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blister in the Sun

Today Rad, Daddie and I spent some time outside. I had the greatest intentions of buying an inflatible pool for little Rad, but instead I got him an inflatable rubber ducky pool (complete with quacking mechanism, which FREAKS Buddie out). It was pretty warm for Denver yesterday at 85 degrees (yes, we have become heat wimps since leaving the Valley of the Sun) and so we got Rad all dressed in his swimming suit, filled up the tub and went outside to splash. Which splashing he does as though is is getting paid by the hour. It is serious business, that splashing. He has the most stern look on his face as he flails his arms and legs, then gets a little pissed either when he hits himself in the face or splashes water in his eyes. Either way, it was pretty cute!


***LIZ*** said...

So cute! I can't believe that thing quacks, poor buddy, watch out he might destroy the duck for looking at him funny.

Colton and Ashley said...

Hey stranger....long time no see. I guess you can call me a spy! HA! J/K I didn't even know you were a blogger! Nice to see that you are! Did you watch Idol? Thank You, Thank You! Looks like clown feet won! Hey, maybe I'll see you before our next ward visit! HA! It was fun getting to know you. Oh, and CUTE RAD! Now I can watch him grow!

brimhal said...

So fun to see you in Prescott. Your little guy is adorable. Great swimming pool!
Love ya...Aunt Lori