Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Up to Speed

I haven't blogged in a bit.  I have a coupla reasons and they are both related.
1.  I have nothing to blog about.  There is nothing to do when it's freezing outside and three feet of snow on the ground.  We pretty much stay home and do things (make cookies, letter searches, color, play dough).  Not much to document.
2.  I am pregnant and feel like garbage.  Yay for pregnant!  Not so much for feeling like garbage.

We are pretty excited for our new little nugget!  I am kinda tired of people saying they hope we have a girl, though.  I have extremely cute boys, so a boy would be great!  I don't wanna get my hopes up either way!

Now that you are up to speed I hope you feel better.  We have less than three months till the move to AZ.  We are really pumped to move!  In fact, I was watching a neighbor bet out his snow blower and thought to myself, "Self!  You will NEVER have to buy a snow blower!!"  That is right.  Eff the midwest!  I do, however, love their mustaches and how they have not given up on the mom jean.  It is beautiful.


Kaitlin said...

i am so excited for you! can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl. can't wait for you to not feel like garbage. pregnancy can be pretty rough. let me know if you need help with your kiddos :)

Artsy Aut said...

Yay for number 3! You make the cutest babies. Im tired of people asking me when Im going to try for a girl. Like you, Im happy with boys! Im so excited for you to move, no one should have to live in the mid west, plus, I will see you more!

Franziska said...

Yeah for the little nuggett! I am so happy for you. We need to catch up soon :)

Claydens said...

woo hoo for number 3! Congrats friend!

Jana said...

Wow I had no idea, congrats!! We are excited for you guys.

Robbins Family said...

Another little nugget to call your own. I hope you're lucky enough to have another boy! When do you head to AZ?