Sunday, March 06, 2011

Have A Monster Truck Day!

Rad takes a tumbling class and a sports of all sorts class at the YMCA in Wauwatosa.  He loves it, especially sports of all sorts.  As we walk in each time, we have to walk down the stairs past all the people that are on the elliptical machines.  He always waves at them and says "hi guys!!".  He always gets waves back and a few laughs.  Well, this week he decided to shake things up.  He says, "Have a Monster Truck Day!!". I have no idea where he got this.  It sounds like a bad Valentime card.  This phrase has now replaced good-bye or see ya later.  He now tells everyone to have a monster truck day!

When I got done doing laundry downstairs a few days ago, I came back up and Konrad had found my muffin tin and put all his monster trucks in it.  Hilarious.  That being said, HAVE A MONSTER TRUCK DAY!!  Some times he will say HAVE A GRAVE DIGGER DAY!!

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