Sunday, January 16, 2011


i think that i can officially declare that i hate the weather in Wisconsin.  i know that if i had been born a long time ago, i would have kept pushing west, figuring there had to be a better place than this.  i would have also probably died from cholera or something even more awful as i rushed to California to make my  money in gold.  that being said, this is our last winter here.  it has also been snowing non-stop since Sunday last.  that would make it an entire week of snow.  shoot me now.  Brian didn't work Tuesday night so when he got home we played in the snow.  Rad is acting really weird about walking in the snow b/c he does not want to get his boots dirty.  i don't get him sometimes.  perhaps we are seeing a pinch of ocd?

  then yesterday we found a sweet sledding hill.  we froze our butts and hands off but it was fun.  side note:  the tube is the balls!  goes way faster than the sleds.  

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