Thursday, January 20, 2011

An Original Cowboy

My Grandpa Lee Foster Brimhall passed away yesterday.  I just want to remember a few things about him.  He was a month shy of 92 years old when he died, and oh, the stories he could tell...and poems (pronounced po-EEEEM, but only one syllable). 
He was gored by a bull.  What else can I say?
He was a square dancer.  I am not sure if he did it to humor Grandma, but nevertheless, he was a square dancer.
He was a cross country runner at the U of A.  He picked the wrong school, but we will forgive him.  Every time I saw him he asked me how far I ran that day.  His theory was that if you could run for a mile without stopping you were in good shape.  I love it that we shared a love for running.
He had a bolo tie collection/fetish.  Can ya blame him?
The summer after I graduated from HS, so the summer of 2000, I took ended up with some of his old Levi's.  I wore them and they fit like a glove.  I still have 'em somewhere.
Belt buckles.  He had the best belt buckles.
I loved hearing stories about his mission in Palmyra, NY.
I love that he loathed environmentalists.  He loathed them before Rush Limbaugh and his ilk made it cool (depending on your position) to hate environmentalists.

He really was awesome.  It's sad that all the original Cowboys are dying.  I feel like I got a lot of my toughness and meanness from my Grandpa's cowboy heritage (by way of my dad, of course, who is also tough and mean).  I also think I learned my love of the outdoors from him.
Love you, Grandpa!

I also wanted to leave you with a little ditty from Lee Foster Brimhall.

Cows and Methane Gas

I read a piece sometime back
In the local paper
About research on methane gas,
It seemed like quite a caper.
Because it was to measure
What methane gas cows put out 
What it did to the ozone layer
Was what it was all about.

So then I wondered what they’d do
If they thought it was bad, 
And how they’d go about it
If the figures that they had 
Showed that it had depleted
The ozone layer some
And if they didn’t fix it
How things would then become.

Earth warming was the problem
Cows might contribute to
And what would be corrective tings 
That they might try to do.
I wondered what they had in mind
To install some control
To prevent cattle methane gas 
From taking such a toll.

Would they make plugs and cork ‘em 
Or put diapers on the cows?
Or maybe they’d recycle
That methane gas somehow.
Or train cows to use burp bags
And install hoses and fixtures.
In my mind it sure did form
An interesting picture.

I wondered if they plugged ‘em
How long before they’d blow?
And if those corks went flying
How high up would they go?
Up to the ozone layer
And poke a hole in it?
And cause the environmentalists
To have another fit?

So I just keep on wondering
About the tings we’ll see
When those ‘Do Gooders’ put the world
Back where it ought to be.


Marcie Brown said...

This is one of my Faves too!

Artsy Aut said...

Hilarious! Love him. And I didnt know about the running! Thanks for sharing that. And dont forget, not only did he square dance. But he square danced while wearing a hot pink cowboy shirt that was matchy to Grandma. Awesome!

keep klein-man said...

What a great post. I loved reading it..