Monday, January 03, 2011

All Babies Want To Be Borned.

Yes, they do.  Konrad was borned three years ago today.  He is such a little Yahoo!  We spent the morning at Chuck E. Cheese's (heaven help me) and the rest of the day playing with his new fire station.  The fire station, let's be honest, is a glorified doll house infused with testosterone.  It is pretty sweet, I will admit!  I was pretty pumped while putting it together and taking all the little pieces out of the box and lovingly placing them in the correct room.  My personal favorite is the treadmill.  Just like mommy's, albeit mine is not made of wood.

Don't mind the plastic.  We wanted to create the feeling that we were about to be murdered by the serial killer Dexter.

Good thing mommy taught him his jump shot.  Mommy PWNs daddy's JS.

And then there is Rodney Roo...and a cupcake.
I got a new little machine for Chrissy called a silhouette and I have been playing with it!  Check the applique, banner, Rad's ribbon and the swirlies.  I have not perfected the machine at all, I am most definitely a rookie, but I am rockin' it a little bit, I think!


Melissa said...

Happy Birthday to Konrad!!! I saw the fire station at Costco and I'm super jealous. I would have LOVED that when I was a kid!

Brian said...

Sept Daddy's goes in.

keep klein-man said...

I love, love the hat.. Too cute!