Monday, February 08, 2010

Meet My Little Friend.

We have a little friend that graces us with its presence in the shower at all times of the day, both morning and night. It always makes me chuckle a tiny.
When we moved into our apartment, we found this rust stain that Fred couldn't get out. It has caused many conversations as to whose ghost this rust stain is. Konrad always calls him "Daddy". I don't exactly know about that, but my mom says he is Mussolini. Perhaps. I like to think that if it really is someone gracing us with their presence from the grave that it would not be a cruel dictator, you know?
My sister, Julie, on the other hand believes that our little friend is Baby Cakes (I am the World... and a wizard). I can kinda see that one.

I happen to think he's a dead ringer for Alfred Hitchcock.You decide.


Artsy Aut said...

Thats creepy. Hitchcock is a good guess, and he seems like the kind of guy to linger and annoy people from the after life

Julie and Steven Shepherd said...

ha. you know my guess

Trevor and Heather Caffall said...

you are hilarious!

Jay B. said...

Looks like something sexual to me.