Saturday, January 30, 2010


Obsession, as sung by my idol Annie Lennox in the song "Love is a Stranger".

Okay, I might be obsessed with fabric. I got just a few more 1/2 yards for my quilt. I am making a king sized quilt so I do need lots of fabric. I keep telling myself that I just need a little bit more. Thing is, I do need a little bit more. But I am taking a fabric buying break for now and am gonna replace it with actually cutting and sewing my quilt.

Also, I would like to thank Autumn, my lovely cousin/friend that inspired me to finish my ruffle necklaces. We lurk the same blogs evidently which for those of you that have the unbelievable pleasure of knowing us, is not all that unlikely. We share DNA, you know? Anyhowzit, here are my ruffle necklaces. I found the chiffon for $2/yard at my ghetto JOANN. Not too shabby (speaking of the find...not the Joann). The tree fabric is a scrap left over from my quilt. It might also be my favorite. Only b/c chiffon frays A LOT!! So I had to "heat-treat" it, meaning that I held a lighter close enough to the fabric to not light it on fire, which I did like a million times, but close enough to melt it. Yes folks, chiffon melts. I really like them. I think they are pretty excellent.


Artsy Aut said...

Love you! And I love all the fabric you are using for your quilt. Its going to be fabulous! We should do a ruffle necklace exchange.

Jafp said...

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