Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Santa, Who?

Firstly, why is Santa a male? YOu and I both know that Mrs. Claus is the one getting all the stuff done and Santa is just gets to deliver it and hog all the glory. Second, why is Mrs. Claus' first name Mrs? I am from here on out referring to Santa as Mr. Claus. Jeez, even Christmas is sexist!

Thirdly, I (ahem) Santa, has been VERY busy during naptime. Yesterday I made Rad a backpack out of the sweetest TRACTOR fabric I have ever seen. On that note, before I had boys I never could understand why anyone in their right mind would buy that ugly green and yellow John Deer fabric that you see at stores. I secretly said to myself, " Self, be so glad that you will never have to deal with that ugliness". My words actually taste quite scrumptious! I am pretty sure he will love it. My sense comes from the fact that the other night while he was sleeping we hear him talking in his sleep saying "mama... tractor".

Today I made a DSLR camera strap cover with my quilt blocks that were in the FAIL bag. I squared 'em up and made this little dittie. I just kind of winged it on the strap. Not too shabby, in my opinion.

And here is Rodney at 12 weeks. I can't believe that he is already 12 weeks old. He is so sweet!


Kim Cannon said...

WOW! You are really talented, Emily! I love the backpack, and I am sure Konrad will too!

Claydens said...

he is so cute! He looks just like you, and I'm loving the goodies!