Friday, November 20, 2009

The Results Are In

I would like to thank everyone that voted in the Treadmill vs. Flatscreen TV poll. Not that your input would have mattered that much anyways, here are the results. You overwhelmingly voted that we get a treadmill. I appreciate the smart A@* comments on how we don't NEED a new TV, as this is very true. I also appreciate the point that was made that we NEED both so that I can watch life size movies while I am running on my treadmill. You really know me! My favorite suggestion was that we get a TM with a flatscreen built in. That is a great idea.
So here is what we did: we actually used our cash and bought new tires for the XTerra. I, however, will also be getting my treadmill. Brian got a job working a few cases a week, which means cash flow, which means treadmill. It also means no babysitter at night so I can go to the gym and run my butt off on the TM, hence, a treadmill. A new TV will come down the line. Perhaps after a vacation of some sort (you know what I'm talking about Brian...who apparantly DOES read my (our) begins with an "A" and ends with "laska").
Over and out. MLE


Ben said...

I'm just glad I got reference for my smart a@# comment about you not needing a treadmill. Now you know what my poor wife goes through every time she tells me she NEEDS a new shirt.

Claydens said...

so jealous of your tm. I would like one of those bowdlex machines that are a tm and eliptical in one.. some day. How is it out there?