Monday, September 14, 2009

Freaking Dozers

Driving home from church a few weeks ago Brian and I see a sign that said "Dozer Day" and a gigantic Dozer on it. From the back seat we hear "tractor, tractor, tractor". This is no different from any other day, really. Konrad's favorite word, toy, topic of convo is tractors. Plus, here in Milwaukee, every single street is being repaired and has tractors, dozers and diggers all over them. So the fact that we hear "tractor, tractor, tractor" coming from the peanut gallery is really insignificant. That is until I turn around and see him pointing at the sign and the "tractor" gets louder and louder. I told Brian to keep his schedule open for Sept. 12 or Dozer Day.

Brian and Aunt April took Konrad to Dozer Day in Sussex, WI at a huge quarry. I could not go b/c its probably not the best place for a five day old baby. I was really sad I could not go. Seriously, tractors are the center of Konrad's world. The important thing is that he got to go.

He saw a helicopter land and take off, he rode on a school bus (while doing the "wheels on the bus" song and hand motion), rode on a dozer, sat in a fire truck, played in the sand and whatever else it was that was there.
I just can't wait for next year... two boys and their tractors. If Rad is still in to tractors. I have a feeling he will be. That is one happy boy.


Artsy Aut said...

Those are really great pictures!! I love that he got to go to Dozer Days! Who wouldnt want to go??

Cam and Chelle said...

Rad has the sweetest face!

Trevor and Heather Caffall said...

Yeah for tractors. Trey is really into cars and trucks right now. Congrats on the baby by the way. I'm glad everyone is healthy and good. I'm still waiting for this one to COME OUT!!