Monday, August 24, 2009

No Conspiracy. Really.

So, there seems to be a myth floating around out there amongst all of my lovely avid readers. That idea and myth is purported to be that Brian and I are keeping Ulysses' "real" name a secret until he is born. Sorry to disappoint anyone, but we really don't know what his "real" name will be, assuming that Ulysses was a cover name. We have a few names in the running but have not made a definite decision. I know what name I want and I think Brian has a different idea, but I do have a plan: my plan is to get my way after Brian has witnessed the birth and can't argue with me. Plus, I can't decide what color to paint my finger nails, let alone a name for a child, which name will potentially haunt him for the rest of his life. But don't worry, fans. I will update you on the status of baby and his name as soon as he is born, which will hopefully be this week. And the reason there is no name appliqued on the second quilt? We have not picked out a name. It is not being hidden, it does not exist. We are, however, still taking suggestions on names, if you have a good one.


Cam and Chelle said...

heehee! I didn't realize you had a name picked out (although I guess you DON'T have a name picked out for sure!) I figured you were still undecided or just not saying... You could always go with Jace, we LOVE that name! How is Wiscahnzen treating you?

***LIZ*** said...

What's wrong with Ulysses?

Artsy Aut said...

Well I asked Avery, and he said "Patron" not like the alchohol, at least I dont think so. As for the nail polish, Ive had my eye on this ridiculous hot pink color. You should go with something like that. Check Rite Aid. Thats where mine is. Or hold off on having the baby another week and I will send it to you!!

Robbins Family said...

I think you should stick with Ulysses. Albeit your plan to wait until after childbirth to get your way with the name works every time. Honestly, can you argue with a woman who just gave birth to your child?!? Worked for me with Gage!