Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Turns out that I have been in Milwaukee for two months now. It's not Denver, but I really like it here. There is a ton of stuff to do: parks, museums, festivals, the list goes on. At first I felt really cramped in our little apartment. It has been trying to go from a nice big house to a little place but I am getting used to it. On the bright side? It takes about 7 minutes to vaccuum the entire place and about 3 minutes to mop. What makes our place really awesome is that not 20 feet outside the front door is Enderis Park. During the summer months they have a wading pool that Konrad and I go do just about every day, excepting those days that it only gets up to 65 degrees. The first few times he was a little unsure, but now he goes right in. He has made all kinds of friends over there. There is Jesse the lifeguard, Tamara, his little friend who's about 7 years old and just loves him. There's one little guy who rides his razor scooter but I am not sure of his name, anyhow, he plays with us every time we go to the park, which is 2 or 3 times a day.

Then there was the Air Show down on Lake Michigan. Konrad is totally into airplanes lately. Everytime he hears one he looks up and has to find it in the sky. Airplanes and Copters. Well, more like planes, copters, balls, tractors and trucks. That is what he is really in to right now. So, Aunt Appie, Rad and I packed up into the car and ventured to the Lake for the Airshow. We didn't know it at the time but we found a totally sweet spot. We parked and had to climb down a pretty sketchy trail in the DOUBLE Bob. That's right, I now have a double. We found a place in the shade with a great view of the planes. We only stayed for a little bit but we did get to see an F16. It was flying around doing some tricks and Rad was captivated. Then it comes up behind us, really low and was so incredibly loud. I turn around to cover Konrad's ears but he was already screaming. He jumped about 5 feet in the air. We soon had to leave but we did get some pics to remember the fun.

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krissy said...

what a cutie! is his hair getting lighter?
I'm glad you're liking it in milleewalkee