Friday, July 17, 2009

The Fourth of Jooooooly

Only people from out west say July like that: Jooooo-lie. I gotta say that I miss it. I especially missed the Western flair of the 4th that only Prescott does so well. You know what I am talking about... boot races, rodeos, Wranglers, ye-haws, cowboy hats and beer. Well, beer for everybody else, not me. I think this was probably the first 4th that I have not seen one single cowboy hat. It made me very, very sad.

That being said, ours was a productive day. We went to the Wauwatosa parade and watched all the horsies and zoom zooms go by. We even saw the WI Special Olympic team that my brother Joey would have loved to see. They all really liked Konrad, especially with his head painted RW&B.

Which brings me to the strange lady. I don't know what else to call her. She was painting people's heads and asked if she could paint Konrad's. She didn't really wait for an answer, so whatever, he was red, white and blue for a bit. It was just acrylic paint that is incredibly easy to wash off. The firemen thought he was so awesome and just about everybody made some comment about the kid with the painted head. I think he liked the attention.
Here's to the redneck 4th of July!!!


Adam and Nikki said...

That is aweseom. I love his head!

keep klein-man said...

When we had moved away I always missed Prescott. Great times...