Saturday, December 20, 2008

Family Fug Party

Hello. Signing on to give you the rundown on the family party this year. Same awesomeness as usual, but this year, Julie and I spiced things up a bit, as seen here with our Holiday Flair.

Next, I explained to my Uncle Chuck that I was carrying a huge burden being the only one with holiday spirit, wearing Holiday Santa socks, so he quickly went upstairs and unburdened me. Thanks Uncle Chuck. You are the coolest. Please see socks.

We ate some of good food, chatted, then had our White Elephant Gift exchange, where everybody buys things they want then get pissed when some little smart-A steals their gift that they brought for their own self. We also had Rotney J running the show at the WEGE, which was hilarious, as always. A good time had by all, I am sure.

...And Brian's mohawk.

1 comment:

Dave, Mandi and Blake said...

ok, cut it out. You are funny and you need to come home so we can have fun.
p.s. Dave thinks your logo is awesome.