Sunday, December 21, 2008

Family Christmas Picture

Brian cleaned up his 'hawk, I got rid of my hideous sweater, got all gussied up for church and got a Christmas picture. See! We can actually look pretty good:)

We also took Rad to see Santa. Now, in my opinion, you did not have a good childhood if you didn't see Santa and scream in his face. In the luckiest of cases, you have a picture to document said abuse. Rad has officially had a good childhood and will have evidence for his therapist in 15 year. See photo. Which makes me wonder...since when is it perfectly okay to let your little kiddo sit on some old guy's lap, whisper in his ear and take candy from him? I guess strangers are okay if they are wearing beards and red suits? "But my kid can't have a candy cane. Little Dillinger is not allowed to have sugar. Organic fruit strips only." (Hey lady, sugar is sugar, "organic" or not, fattie). But he can sit on Santa's (who could very easily be crazy George who used to work as the High School custodian, but silently left his post...) I guess that if it is summertime and some crazy guy is going around picking up kids in a Santa Suit he is kinda conspicuous. Whatever, I survived and with a name like Konrad, I am sure he will be fine too.


Adam and Nikki said...

Great pictures!

Robbins Family said...

I love Konrad's hat! And I love his "frightened look" while on Santa's lap... hey I'm scared of him too.