Saturday, November 08, 2008

"The Good Land"

Did you know that:

1. Milwaukee is Algonquian for ""Good/Beautiful/Pleasant Land"

2. Is the only major city to elect three socialist mayors (Thank you Alice Cooper).

3. Brian, Rad, Buddy and myself are moving there at the end of May 2009

Yup, we are sadly going to have to leave Denver and the Rocky MOuntains to move a little more north to the land of cheese, beer and football, Milwaukee. Brian actually recieved two offers, one from Baylor and one from Marquette. We were prepared to make a decision for every other school than Baylor, so at the last minute there was some definiteback-and-forth. We did not make the decision on the weather, as there is currently 3 feet of snow and 20 ft drifts in Milwaukee. But Marquette's endodotic (not endodontal- just to correct a few peep's, although Endodontal School is HiLAriOUs!!!) program just fits better for Brian. Plus, we are only 1 hour and 48 mintues away from Chicago and that means OPRAH. That's right I am so going to see Oprah. HOpefully by then she will be over annoyingly rejoicing over Obama's win. I mean, I am over it.

And the Chicago Marathon. I am officially announcing that I am going to run the Chicago next October. It will be my first marathon and I am going to do it!!! Krissy, you are going to do it with me, right? I can't think of anyone I would rather run and laugh with for 3+ hours. (Let's shoot for 3.5 hours, I mean, 3 would qualify us for Boston, but we need to shoot low, right??) I am only kidding. I am a sucky runner and will probably hobble over the FL after like 6 hours.

Anyhow, it just so happens that three of my all time fave tv shows were set in MIlwaukee: That 70's Show, Happy Dayz and Laverne and Shirley. That has got me pretty excited.

Goodbye all, I hope you are enjoying the dark at 5:30pm like I am.



Adam and Nikki said...

That is great, but I will be sad to see you go.

Artsy Aut said...

Well you will be a few states closer to me! And it will give you one more thing in common with Alice Cooper (the other being from AZ) so when you meet him you two will totally hit it off.

Robbins Family said...

Wow, I have lived here for 5 months now and reading your post finally got me excited to be here... j/k it's been great and for the record no snow... yet! If we stick around here I am in on the Chicago marathon next October!

***LIZ*** said...

I knew it! Those schools would have to be crazy not to want Brian. Congrats! Yikes, I don't envy you the cold though...