Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tour de Cure for Diabetes

Now that the Half Marathon is over and done with, my sight is now set on the Tour de Cure. This is not a race, but a charity ride whose sole purpose is to raise money for Diabetes. I wanted to do the ride last year, but was growing a baby, so this year IT IS ON!!!
The ride is on Aug. 23. I am doing the 30 mile bike ride. Brian is doing the century. I told him last night that I think that means 100 miles. Am I right?? Anyhow, Brian is the President of the School of Dentistry Cycling club, which club has raised $1785.00 for the Tour. As of today, 13 of us are signed up to ride in two weeks.
Not very often does one get the chance to raise money and participate in cause that affects them personally, so I am really excited. Along with excited, I am grateful for all the people that have donated money. Diabetes is a tough disease to face and many of those affected by it do it each day without complaint (in my case I complain daily). Technology has made diabetes extremely mangageable and thanks to all the money raised, hopefully the next generation of Diabetics will see a cure!! One can hope...
If any of my faithful readers would like to donate money or simply want to spy and see if we survive the ride, you can visit my website at http://main.diabetes.org/goto/eckleinman.
xoxo, Emily

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