Friday, June 20, 2008

Ode to Gunnison, CO

Gunnison, CO is a small town about 20 miles outside of Crested Butte, CO. We jokingly call it "Crusty Butt"- I know- how clever, right? I write this ode because we ususally spend our anniversary there while Brian participates in the Wild Flower Rush mountain bike race. Due to gas prices, school and the long drive, we opted not to go. We are not unsaddened by this decision, but the decision stands.
The other reason we love Gunnison is referenced by the picture above. This is not a postcard. My mom really thought it was a postcard. Nope! I took this doozy with my own hands, while driving behind said awesomeness. I was a tiny bit afraid that if he saw me taking this picture (mostly laughing at him) that he would hunt me down and display my ugly mug from the top of the elk horns. If you look closely- actually, you don't have to look that closely- you might see something riding on the top of the horns that does, in fact, kind of resemble my head (or at least a girl with long brown hair). All the same- awesome. Or maybe he would prop me next to the bobcat. I had a thought that we ought to offer him Buddy's carcass (when he leaves this mortal life) to display on his bike. I mean, the possibilities are endless!!!
Anyhow, Gunnison, CO, we will miss you this year!

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Lana Knapp said...

That is the most TOTALLY SWEET RIDE I have EVER seen!!!! You can imagine what would happen to that poor fellow if he ever got into an accident. Hmmm. . . Oh, by the way, I didn't know who Brian was. . . I guess it's cuz I know him as Elder Kleinman. Mike (Elder Knapp)Cheers Cobba