Wednesday, January 04, 2012

A Mini Tour

Turns out that I have lived in my house for six months.  I have posted almost no pix of our new place.  It seems like we moved in, I did a ton of projects, had a baby and here we are.  Yup, that's exactly what happened.  I have actually done quite a few things around the house in my *spare* time.  You know, the time I should be cleaning my house, reading to my kids, doing laundry...that sort of thing.  Anyhow, I have some pix of the house to share with you!  Are you pumped?  That's right, you are!

Let's start with my prize room.  I just finished putting this baby together!

I am super excited about my sewing room.  It's about 10 feet long by 10 feet wide, so we are not talking a ton of space.  However, it is awesome!  I got a table (adjustable) from Ikea for Christmas.  Now for the real gem.  Grandma Kleinman passed away back in September.  She had tons of stuff to pilfer thru, and pilfer I did.  Actually, I pilfered only after the estate sale and after everyone else in the family pilfered.  Actually, we went up to get a bunk bed that was being stored up there.  Behind the bunk bed, hiding in plain sight, was this beauty.  Actually, it was not very beautiful then.  Just a measly disassembled library card catalogue.  It was in decent shape, it just needed to be *done up*, you know?  I took it home, sanded it down, painted it red and put some table legs on it.  I am totally in love.  It holds all my sewing notions, thread, and other crap.  It also houses the tons of vintage sewing notions that I pilfered from Grandma Kleinman.  Please expecially (you are welcome) notice the curtains.  They were made from a table cloth of Grandma's that perfectly coordinates with my schtuff.  Please also note my dress form, that still causes me to turn in to a ninja as I walk down the hall at midnight ("Who's that sexy lady in my sewing room?"  It's me!!), and also the dress that it is wearing.  I should probably pick out a name for my sexy double self.

Next up, the Places We've Lived Quilt that adorns my dining room.  I made this quilt while we were living at my parent's house this summer whilst waiting to close on our house.  I wanted to make a quilt to remember all the places we've lived and so I sewed some strips together, cut 'em up and put 'em back together.  I didn't follow any specific pattern, it was all just living in my brain.
That's MA, Australia, WI, CO and AZ.  I don't plan on adding anymore states to my quilt.

Next are the houndstooth canvasses.  I love them oh, so much!  I used Ed Roth Stencil 101 and in it is a fab houndstooth stencil. I would have taken a pic of the entire dining room, but it's kind  of a disaster this morning.  Maybe next time.

Next up is our entry way.  I hated the entry way when we first got this place.  I still want to rip this wall down, but in the meantime, it is kind of awesome.
The bike is meant for a garden, but I kind of love it here.  It was a gift for our 10th anni last June.  As we were moving in, I put it right there to get it out of the way.  I can honestly say that I did not not move it out of laziness.  The mantle?  I'm glad you asked.  One of my mom's friends was selling their house and getting rid of a lot her stuff.  Luckily, my mom thought of me!  I got some vinyl wall paper  to mount behind it and there you go!  I seriously love it so much we may not be ripping the wall down!  I found the clock on sale at Pier One.  Score.

On to the living room.  I have always wanted a fireplace and a mantle.  I now have one.  An awesome one.  Especially now that my ugly mug is gracing it.
My favorite part, aside from my ugly mug, is the red gate.  Yup, old red gate.  I found it one day when I was taking out the trash for my mom.  It happened to be hiding behind her trash cans.  As I always do when I find something I love, I ask if I can have it.  She gave it to me!  I painted it red and put it up on my mantle. Jealous?  You should be!

Anyhowzit, that's a little tour of some of the house.  Now come visit me and see it all!  

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***LIZ*** said...

Love all the red! Looks great, but I can't say that I am surprised, you have excellent taste. The sewing room is so cool, can't wait to see all the things you make.