Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Rodney's a Wizard. I Know It.

I am totally positive that my little two year old, Rodney Roo, is a wizard and that he is trying to kill me.  We have officially arrived and are up to our elbows in the Terrible Two's.  Terrible does not even begin to describe it.  He is a difficult, volatile child.  At any moment he could erupt.  I am never prepared, although heavens knows I try.  Today?  He freaked out (F.R.E.A.K.E.D.) out because he could not get the trains to stay together.  The magnetic trains.  All he had to do, and I showed him 15 times, was turn it around so that the magnets went together.  Then he would walk away, the trains would come apart, and MELT DOWN.  When I say MELT DOWN, I mean throwing hisself on the ground, in the dirt, kicking, screaming and pounding.  He has this unearthly shrill scream that lets me know he is getting his head ripped off.  I mean, his trains won't stay together.  In Costco the other day??  He wanted to be held (and I was pushing the huge cart with toilet paper, paper towels and diapers stacked so that I could not see in front of me, and with a baby sleeping- thankfully- in the cart).  He would not sit in the cart.  Mommy's arms only.  I could only hold him for about 10 (or some other random number of minutes) before I had to put him down.  What did he do?  He threw hisself on the ground, in the middle of Costco, kicking, screaming and pounding and screaming the shrill, unearthly shrill.

That being said, he is also the cutest, sweetest little guy on the planet.  He loves his beep beeps, giving me hugs and before he goes to bed he tells me to "cuddle me".  How can I resist?  He is so lucky that he is so stinkin' cute.


R. M. Andrews said...

His cuteness should not stop you from tearing that tail up. He needs to understand that acting like that is not acceptable. If you don't correct this now, you will have major problems in the future.

Anonymous said...

There is woman in the babycenter.com forums, making up stories about her 2 year old son. She is taking your son photos and posting as Daniel. We look through your blog, and they are the same photos.
We reported her fake profile, photos, etc, but I though you may like to know.

here is her link:

if you click in her profile photos, her "son Daniel" is your son.

Maybe would be a good idea to make a waterseal on your photos, with your family name, or some sort, so sick people won't use your kid's photos.