Saturday, July 16, 2011

We Be Back.

Turns out I took a little break from blogging, when really I wish I could have just taken a break from life.  Here's a run down of the last two months, blog lurkers.
1.  Went to Chicago one last time to get some Garrett's Popcorn and for the boys to ride Thomas.
Cute boys.
2.  Brian graduated with his MS and Certificate of Endodontix from Marquette (that means he be really special and can charge outrageous amounts of mooola for a root canal.  Lesson?  Brush ya teeth).
3.  Next day, loaded up the UHaul for the last-time-in-my-life-forever -I -mean- it.  Left Wisconsin forever.
4.  Flew into AZ wearing a sweatshirt, jeans and running shoesies.  It was over 100 degrees in blessed Phoenix.   A not-so-blessed 43 degrees as we left WI.  I was overdressed.
5.  Put an offer in on a house and got accepted!  We had to move on from the house we were waiting on as a short sale.  The house is AMAZING!  1 acre of land.  Flat!  In Prescott!!  Total win.
6.  Swam in parent's pool.  A LOT.
7.  Did some running.  Blessed trails in AZ.  Oh, Granite Mountain, how I have missed you.  And oh, how I now live a quarter of a mile away from your trail head.  That sounds soooo bad.
8.  Celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary.  Had the WORST dinner and saw the WORST movie.  But without kids so whateva.
9.  Fourth of July.  Fun-nessss.
10.  Moved.  Again.  This time FOREVER.
11.  Still unpacking.
Look at those eyelashes.

Chicago skyline boat ride.

He's the besticle.
Brian's bro's.  He spent more time with them than he did with me.
Graduation dinner.  I made this maternity dress.  Don't I look stunning?
Doddy Doo Swimming.
Konrad.  What else can I say?
Apy's Jeep. Topless.
Julie and myself.  Modeling our 4th of July teeshirts.  Aren't they gorgeous?
Mr. Daddy.  His idea.  Not mine.


Fireman Konrad.

Our Truck of Crap.


Ben and Jen McDowell said...

Oh how I hate moving. I am a little envious that you don't have to move again-- can't wait to see pics of your AZ place and hear about life in the real world!

Kaitlin said...

CUTE. i can't wait to see some pictures of your new place. i bet you even have central air, huh. and i bet you're not missing these blasted ac units, either. we miss you guys tons! how's the pregnancy going?

keep klein-man said...

Cute pics. So glad to have you all home. It is going to be great to see you all soon. So happy for you on your house too. :)