Sunday, October 17, 2010

Just A Matter of Time

I know it was gonna happen sometime.  I knew it would be soon.  I did not think it would be tonight.  I got Rodney Roo outta the bath, lotioned (which is now a real word cuz I added it to my dictionary), diapered and dressed for bed.  I even combed his wild hair.  I put him down on the floor to go walk out to daddy.  I then turned around to get Konrad Scott out of the bath, put him in a towel when I saw two little (clothed) midget legs in the air.  Then...PLOP!  There he was, in all of his short, little glory.  Rodney Roo in the bath with his clothes on.  I wasn't mad.  How could I be??  Look at his darling little face!!

One of Rad's favorite things to do is to "help" me when I am in the kitchen baking.  Well, today I was not baking but I was making some caramel apples, complete with pecans and dark chocolate.  He asked for his apron (I am gonna make him a Thomas apron...SOON) and off we went.  Well, I made the apples and he stole one.  He did like sticking the sticks in the centers of them.  Please ignore the circles under my eyes.  PEACE.

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Brian said...

I was looking at this at work today and I almost started to cry, you are both so cute