Friday, September 10, 2010


Olympic Apple Eatin'

Try to pry it from his hands.  Seriously, I dare you.

We went apple picking today (and yesterday, but I am not telling that story).  Firstly, there were tractors so Rad was in heaven.  Secondly, there were lots of apples so Rodney Roo was in heaven.  I had no idea Little Rodney was such an apple fiend, none at all.  Grandma gave 'im an apple and proceeded to practice his death grip on it for the next half hour.  He probably ate about 3 apples, all up.  We called him the apple king.  If we ever end up roasting him for some reason, he will have an apple in his mouth.

1 comment:

Steven and Julie Shepherd said...

Is rotney walking? I LOVE them and am so jealous that mom is there.