Thursday, July 08, 2010

Death's Door

Nobody is sick.  That is just the origination of Door County, or so we were told by our bad @ss trolley driver/tourguide in Door County, or what we like to call Half-Way-To-The -North-Pole.  Only thing is, it really is half way to the North Pole (45 degrees latitude).


sucked in.

This pic is for Aunt Api

mohawk.  excellent.


Wild man

meltdown ensuing

Brian got this week off so we had a few adventures.  Firstly, we went to the Chicago temple and did a session at an unholy hour (see what I did there?) then we drove into Chicago and went to Navy Pier.  I read a book called Devil in the White City a few years back.  It was about the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, and it was an awesome book, so I have really wanted to go see the remains (not many after the fire) of the World's Fair.  Well, we picked a crappy hot day to do so.  Oh yeah, Brian also had dino-rrhea.  It was 94 degrees in Chitown.  Hellacious, really.  So we took a scenic (hot) boat tour of the harbor, got Rad some Donald's (as in Mc) and drove the crap home.  And we got stuck in traffic.  Lots of traffic. 
So we got home Saturday night, had a 4th of July BBQ, went to the parade on Monday then took off for Door County, which is said to be the Cape Cod of the Midwest.  It was very beeeyoutiful but Cape Cod still takes the cake.  Rad made us go on a trolley ride, which turned out to be awesome.  We ate lunch and had some ice cream at Wilson's.  We missed the goats on the roof at Al Johnson's b/c it was too rainy, but we did eat at the Rusty Tractor Cafe.  Then we rode our bikes to Nicolet Bay in Peninsula State Park.  The second we got in the water I turned to take a pic of Brian and Rodney, I realized we were gonna get soaked.  And we did.  Rodney was not happy.  We ate lots of cherries, bought and ate way too much fudge and probably did more things in two days than we should have.  We came home VERY tired.  Oh yeah, we also took a ride on the Chicago Fire Boat.  We finally gave in b/c we were tired of hearing Rad say "ride fire boat" every 3 seconds.  I even got to go into a few antique shops.  I found some fab vintage earrings for some necklaces that I am making!!  Door County = done good.


Steven and Julie Shepherd said...

I love the pics of rotney.

Melissa said...

How fun. I am quite jealous. You actually have scenic places to visit around you. Ah . . . someday! Love all the pics!

Robbins Family said...

You're half way done with Milwaukee... How goes it?