Sunday, March 14, 2010

6 Months Old

Rodney is 6 months old! I am a week late taking pix, but the poor little guy has been sick. It's the first time he has been sick, so it was a little rough-going, but we got through it. Konrad was also sick. It was the first time in his scant two years on earth that he's been really sick. I mean, he's had the sniffles and some minor little things, but nothing like this. I am sure his immune system is strong because I let him play in the dirt and splash in the puddles.

Anyhowzit, here are Rodney Jones' 6 month pix. I must say that I HATE long verbose blog (blaaah-g) posts. If I see a long paragraph, I just move on. I also hate posting every pic. I pick the best(icle) two or three. Well, tonight, allow me to bore the crap out of you with six pix. It just so happens that either my kid is freakin' adorable or I am an amazing furtographer (perhaps both?) so I am apologizing/warning you that I am breaking one of my rules. Never again, folks, never again! Enjoy:)

And one pic of Rad. We call him Doxta Kleinman. Okay, maybe two pix. I love the one of him focusing on his hand. That is what my dad does and what Brian says he does when he puts them on. I love that Brian's specs resemble the autrocities the Kleinman boys wore (maybe still wear) when they were little. This will prove to everyone that Konrad is, in fact, a Kleinman, and may very well be a little Dusty, heaven help us:)

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