Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Quilt Numero Dos

Firstly, I am about three hours away from finishing the first quilt. I am in the process (the incredibly slow process) of hand blind stitching the binding. Almost there. I can feel it!

Tuesday night was the first night of my ADVANCED beginner quilting class. Read that? ADVANCED!! I know... it says "beginner" right after that, but still! Sue is teaching us two different blocks per class, which is four per month. Last night we did the double tulip and the market basket. It is going to be awesome when we are done.

To top it off, I got my new fabric in the mail today. What is better than getting a package full of THIS in the mail?
I will tell you. Absolutely nothing!!
I will post the final pix of my first quilt when I am done stitching it.
For now, good night!

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